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Horsebox Insurance that keeps you and your beloved horses moving forward.

Horsebox Insurance

It’s more than just a mode of transport.

Horsebox Insurance is a critical element in the protection of your equestrian property and motor vehicles.

Our team consists of horse and horsebox owners with extensive knowledge of the equestrian industry and this product area.

Our broking advisors are able to arrange policies which are tailored to the needs of our customers. This means we can give you all the help you require to arrange a policy that meets your needs.

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What does Horsebox Insurance include?

We can review your insurance options and advise you on the adequate protection that you will need. All policies are different however, therefore careful consideration is needed when selecting cover that suits your needs.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the typical policy choices will include:

  • Fully comprehensive insurance, and more limited cover, third party, fire and theft.
  • Social, Domestic and Pleasure Use if you are transporting your own horse(s) and are not doing so in connection with a business.
  • Business Use if you will be transporting your own horses but are doing so in connection with your business.
  • Hire & Reward if you will be transporting other people’s horses and charging them a fee for doing so.
  • Windscreen damage and replacement
  • Optional extensions to your main cover can include Breakdown cover, Loss of Use and Courtesy Vehicle.
  • For clients who are regularly transporting horses as part of a business then we are able to arrange additional insurance to cover your legal liability for the injury or accidental death of a horse not belonging to you.

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Why do you need Horsebox Insurance?

A motorised horsebox, or horse lorry as they’re sometimes known, is a type of vehicle that is used to transport horses and ponies.

Transporting your horse or pony comes with a specific set of risks, which is why having horsebox insurance is a legal requirement.

If something goes wrong while your horse is being transported, you’ll want to know that the necessary cover is in place for any financial losses. The horsebox policies we can arrange also provide customers with peace of mind that their horsebox is covered should a claim arise while their horsebox is not on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your equestrian horsebox insurance premium will be determined by a number of factors, driven by the level of risk you face. The following factors will have an impact on the price of your horsebox insurance:

  • The make and model of your horsebox
  • The cover basis
  • The horsebox usage
  • The drivers of the horsebox
  • Whether you want to pay monthly or annually – annually will usually be cheaper
  • Your claims history and how many years no-claims bonus you have

Much like standard car insurance, having a horsebox insurance policy in place is a legal requirement if you are driving on UK roads. Our award-winning team understands there are many different options and variables involved in choosing a horsebox insurance policy. This is where their experience in the industry is vital, as they have the required knowledge to assist you in choosing a policy which fits your needs.

If you own or ride horses as a hobby, there are many different products which offer protection against the risks you face. These include products such as horse rider insurance, horse insurance, and stables insurance.

If you are an equestrian business, then we can look at a specific set of covers that can deal with your vehicles as we as your business insurances on our equestrian insurance page.

Get in touch with the team on 0345 216 3000 to find out if we can arrange for cover for your equestrian insurance requirements.