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Livery Yard Insurance

Insurance Protection For Your Livery Yard

As a livery yard owner, you’re dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for horses and their owners. As horse owners ourselves, we know the great work and effort that goes into managing a livery yard.

We also see it from the insurance and risk point of view. We see and experience the risks that are unique to running a successful livery yard, which makes it crucial to have the right insurance in place.

Our bespoke Livery Yard Insurance, designed in collaboration with our insurer partners offers protection for your property and liabilities, ensuring you’re covered against a wide range of potential liabilities.

Each of our policies is carefully designed to ensure the cover meets your needs.

Tailored Livery Yard Insurance

Livery Yard Insurance – Liability

Livery Yard Insurance sections provides you with essential coverage for all aspects of your business, including:

Public Liability

This essential coverage safeguards you against claims arising from injuries or damages sustained by third parties on your premises or during riding activities.

A minimum of £2m limit for Public Liability (automatically £2.5m for ABRS, BHS, TRSS Pony Club and WTRA customers). Higher limits are available.

Employers Liability

This coverage protects you against claims arising from injuries or illnesses sustained by employees, volunteers and work experience staff during their work at your yard.

Care, Custody & Control

This crucial coverage provides protection against claims arising from the death or injury of horses in your care, custody, and control. A standard £100,000 aggregate limit with a £10,000 per horse inner limit applies, although higher options are available.

Product Liability

This comprehensive coverage protects you against claims arising from injuries or damages caused by defective tack, equipment, or other products used at your riding school.

Livery Yard Insurance – Property

We understand that every riding school has unique requirements, and for some, they may also want to include Property Insurance (buildings and contents). Our bespoke product can offer a range of covers to customise your coverage*, including:

Standard cover includes*:

  • Full perils including accidental damage on all sections of the policy
  • Full perils on standard and nonstandard construction buildings
  • Business interruption cover for loss of revenue.
  • Money cover to £5,000
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Loss of horse passports and documents benefit
  • UK-wide, all-risks cover on all saddlery and tack
  • Cover for private dwellings, buildings and contents, automatically covering accidental damage cover
  • Arena floors covered as standard under buildings section

Additional covers*

  • Increased Limits: Increase your coverage with higher limits for specific sections of the policy.
  • Cover for Facility Hire: Extend your coverage to cover events or activities held at your riding school.
  • Cover for Shows and Pony Parties: Protect yourself against liabilities arising from shows and pony parties held on your premises.
  • Cover for Other Business Activities: Tailor your policy to cover additional business activities, such as café operations or tack shop sales.

*subject to insurer agreement and meeting underwriting conditions.

Taking responsibility for your livery yard

The services you offer may range from DIY and grass livery services—whereby horse owners enter your yard daily to maintain their horses—to a full livery service in which you or your employees undertake full care duties of horses. 

As well as the liability you have towards your employees (including work experience and volunteers), you also have a take on the responsibility, and accept the liability should a claim arise if your clients’ horses become sick or injured.

Our knowledge will help obtain livery yard insurance to suit your services, enabling you to continue the work you do without worrying about the potential situations that could arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Public liability insurance protects you against claims arising from injuries or damages sustained by third parties on your premises, while care, custody, and control insurance specifically covers claims arising from the death or injury of horses in your care, custody, and control.

Business interruption cover ensures that you continue to receive income in the event of a claim that forces you to temporarily close your livery yard. This cover is especially crucial for livery yards that rely on regular revenue to operate.

You can add various optional extensions to your policy, including increased limits on all sections, facility hire coverage, and show cover. These extensions allow you to tailor your coverage to your specific needs and risk profile.

Regularly review your insurance policy with us to ensure it aligns with your current business operations and risk profile. As your business evolves, you may need to adjust your coverage levels or add additional extensions to maintain comprehensive protection.