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How can Strangles affect my business?
May 24, 2021

Following on from the amazing work done in the industry over the course of Strangles Awareness week 2021, we thought we would discuss the impact on businesses affected and how insurance can help.

We assume at this point you have an understanding of what Strangles is and how the disease manifests itself. If you would like to know more, please take a look at our recent blog here.

How would an outbreak of Strangles affect my business?

In the video below Andrew Stennett of the Grove House Group explains how Strangles affected his business 

Firstly, the understanding of strangles is vitally important for any equestrian business owner and their staff.

With understanding the severity of the disease and how fast it can spread, along with bearing in mind that the sole income of any yard depends on its horses, we simply cannot afford for an outbreak to occur. In the event that all preventative measures have been followed and quality care has been taken to avoid the disease, all yards are still at risk of the disease occurring due to its highly contagious nature.

Horses on a yard affected by Strangles should be kept isolated, meaning the yard should strictly close to any horses arriving or leaving until proven by veterinary examination and blood tests that the disease is no longer present. This could mean that owners of horses on your livery yard may wish to test their horses upon notification of the disease and move them to another yard if found to be clear, in order to protect them and avoid chances of contracting strangles.  This will unfortunately result in a loss of livery fees and in some cases permanent business with clients.

In addition to isolation, horses suffering from Strangles must always be kept out of work and allowed sufficient time to rest, meaning they are not fit for any riding tuition or work. This can be for a period of at least 3 weeks and in some cases even months.

Riding lessons and instruction, shows and events; whether at your yard or elsewhere, will be cancelled or unable to be attended resulting in a large loss of income which can be detrimental for an equestrian business.

Protecting your business against Strangles

As a yard owner or manager, the whole process of treating a Strangles outbreak can prove to be expensive, time consuming and overall very stressful for all who are involved. In situations like these it is advisable that adequate cover is in place to protect your income should your business become a victim of Strangles. Business Interruption insurance is a type of insurance that aims to cover the loss of income that a yard may experience when having no alternative but to temporarily close due to a claim on your property policy – Ravenhall’s Equestrian property policy automatically covers Equestrian Notifiable Disease Extension such as strangles or other equine diseases.

At Ravenhall we offer a dedicated service with extensive equestrian knowledge of matters from equine first aid to business management, horse riding and instruction to show preparation and competing in all disciplines. Our Rural team are experienced and qualified within the equestrian industry with a passion for all things equine and are always happy to offer advice and guidance on all of your equestrian business insurance needs.

For more information on business interruption cover and how a specialist equestrian policy can benefit you in the event of an unfortunate strangles outbreak, please get in touch.