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Understanding Business Equestrian Insurance
January 19, 2022

At Ravenhall Rural, we are here to protect you and your equestrian business from any accidents that may occur at your yard. Whether these involve you, or your horse as well as claims against your horse related vehicles and assets. Our Ravenhall team is dedicated to ensuring all clients understand the process, their policies and that they have the right to protect themselves and their assets.

Equestrian properties are a niche market and require specific cover to ensure all aspects are protected. A standard household, farm or business policy is not designed for an equestrian property and therefore tends to only offer limited protection. Making sure you have the right cover for you and your business is vital.

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Insurance for keeping horses at your property

You should bear in mind that many household insurers will not cover you for all your equestrian related equipment. In the event of items such as show jumps, feed, hay, bedding, and tack being damaged or stolen, the financial consequences could be disastrous if adequate cover is not used – not to mention the inconvenience. By using a specific equestrian insurer such as Ravenhall Rural, you can have peace of mind that all your valuable possessions are protected.

Riding Schools

Insurance for riding schools and livery yards

If you run a private yard, or a busy livery yard, you’ll need to consider your clients, staff, and your equine residents, as well as the buildings and expensive equipment in your possession. Investing in a comprehensive Equestrian Property policy, which protects against both accidental and malicious damage can protect you against thousands of pounds worth of loss for you and your business

Having the right level of insurance cover in place is key to not only protect your investment but to ensure that any accidents are minimised. One of the conditions of an insurance policy is that you must take reasonable precautions to protect your assets from damage. This means that it’s really important to check your yard for any faults before bad weather hits, because any negligence can affect a claim in the future.

We recommend checking your electrics just to be safe (e.g. Sockets, light fixtures, and if appliances have been PAT tested). Noting any areas that may be at risk of flooding and to ensure you have a backup plan in place to avoid any problems in the yard. Another way to minimise accidents in your yard is to ensure you have clear drains, that are free of debris and that are secure.

Ravenhall Rural is a dedicated team of rural experts working within the Ravenhall Group team. Our team offer tailor-made advice and solutions to equestrian clients across the UK. The Rural team are not only certified and experienced in all areas of business insurance, but also have a keen interest in horses and the equestrian lifestyle. If you would like to get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a chat about your insurance cover, get in touch on 0345 216 3000

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