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2020, A year of ‘No shows’ for Equestrians
December 28, 2020

When we look back on 2020, it’s clear that it has not been the year that many of us planned for. Whether you had holidays cancelled, whether your business was affected, or you were personally affected, it is fair to say that we’ve all felt the strain. For those in the equestrian world that breed and show horses, it’s been a strange time and a year of no shows.

At Ravenhall Rural, we understand the struggles that equestrian businesses have faced, and we’re also having similar experiences. Rural Account Executive, Nathalie Cross has a strong equestrian background. With her family, Nathalie breeds Shire horses. In a typical year, Nathalie and her family would travel the UK attending shows and showing their beautiful Shires. We asked Nathalie what 2020 has been like for her, and how the pandemic may have affected the horses that they keep. Here’s what she had to say:

“2020 has been extremely challenging, both in personal circumstances and in business. Especially for those in the Equestrian world. Our all goes into these wonderful animals, they aren’t ‘just horses’, they are family! In other (normal) years, I would have been travelling all over the country attending shows and events with the Shires. In my opinion the girls have never looked so well this year, and we haven’t been able to showcase this wonderful breed to the world.

In the height of the show season we would have attended 3, sometimes 4 shows a week. However, with all events being cancelled this year, it’s been a strange and long year for my family. At many of the shows we attend, the Shires are main ring attractions. They draw in the public as they’re still a rare breed, and oh gosh you really can’t beat being in that ring on a summer’s day! It’s not just the showing of your horses though, it’s that social side of competing that everyone has missed. I have missed so many faces this year, the faces you would usually see and catch up with on show days. All I can hope is that by March (for our breed show) things in the world have improved and we can get back out there again. Wishing you all well, fingers crossed to a better 2021!”

There is a light of optimism for 2021 and we have seen shows planned for next year. Hopefully all will go ahead in a safe environment and allow for some normality.

Have you found that your horses have brought comfort and companionship throughout 2020? Or has your business been badly affected by the restrictions that have been put in place? Share your lockdown story with us, our team are here to support you and we understand your journey. We’re not all in the same boat, but we’re riding the same storm!